Windows At Government Plaza Leaking–Architects to Take a Look


We all thought Government Plaza was leak free, but not yet!

You may remember the ongoing leak issues they’ve faced with the roof over that massive atrium. And that really was a problem seeing as that building probably gets the most foot traffic of all buildings downtown. Good news—within the last two years, they had work done and workers proclaimed it leak-free.

“The scope of work for Team Roofing when they repaired the roof, I think we’ve had great success there,” says Mobile County Commissioner Connie Hudson.

After work was finished on the roof, they were given a 20-year warranty, of which, about 17 years is left. Now they’re having an architect team come in and check out the windows that have been leaking as well.

They say the window leakage is just due to age. The building is over 20 years old. And now it’s causing water damage.

“In the hall, I don’t know if you can see it, a round circle here.”

And some water damage inside offices.

“It’s on the third, fifth and tenth floors mainly and just a few offices,” says Mobile County Spokesperson Katherine Eddie.

A company called The Architects Group has been awarded a $56,400 contract to come in and examine the building.

“They’re looking at all the trouble spots, the windows, to see where, and offer recommendations, what we need to do to repair,” says Hudson.

The Architects Group is known for designing Saraland High School, the Convention Center downtown and the Mobile Museum of Art.

“I’m hoping that once we identify where these particular problems exist, we can get that addressed and taken care of and hopefully we will have no more water intrusions!” says Hudson.

They’ve not set a date yet for the group to come in, but with rain in the forecast, they hope to expedite the process. And they say this is the last big issue plaguing Government Plaza.

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