Walmart Distribution Center Construction Pushed Back

(Photo: WKRN)

The construction of the Walmart Distribution Center in Irvington has been pushed back. It was supposed to begin this month.

The county has filled almost all of their requirements when it comes to the distribution center.

All they have to do is develop a road that leads into the site which will be called County Farm Road.

What’s holding them back is an act from the Army Corps of Engineers.

“I think there’s a permit issue that still remains unresolved, everything else has been submitted. I think that’s the main issue out there. They’ve got a couple of little things but from everything the county sees, it’s a definite go,” says Mobile County Attorney Jay Ross.

Advertising for the county’s road project has started and they hope to award the contract in late January. Once construction starts, it will take 18 months to complete the distribution center. They are also still waiting for Walmart to purchase the land, but say they are confident the sale will go through once permits are awarded.

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