Pensacon Community Reacts to Death of Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher died Tuesday morning at age 60.  Her passing is felt in many communities, from the casual Star Wars fans to the die hard comic convention goers.  Two women responsible for Pensacola’s very own Pensacon shared their reactions to the loss of this legend.

The death of a Star Wars icon has brought a feeling of the Dark Force into the Pensacon community.

“There was a lot of hope there that she was going to pull through and be fine,” said Kat Bishop, who does marketing and communications for Pensacon.  “So, it did come with an enormous amount of shock this morning to find out that she had passed away.”

Carrie Fisher, or Princess, Senator, and General Leia, was also an author, screenwriter, and advocate for mental health and wellness.

“She was one of the first celebrities in the 80’s and 90’s to come out and say yes, I suffer from mental illness. I have addiction problems. She owned it,” said Georgia Beliech, a Pensacon Graphic Designer.  “She didn’t try to make excuses. She was fierce. She was just as fierce and rebellious in real life as Princess Leia was in the Star Wars movies.”

With Pensacon just months away, Bishop expects many cosplayers to dress as Leia as a tribute to Fisher.

“Such a great female role to cosplay because it’s one that is empowering but it doesn’t require girls who aren’t as comfortable exposing more of themselves to do that,” Bishop said.  “You can actually be fully covered and still be kind of a kick butt, bad *** female in cosplay.”

A legend on and off the screen, Fisher played the role of a princess who didn’t need to be rescued.  She would rescue you.

“Pretty amazing,” Bishop said.  “She’s a pretty amazing woman, and we are all saddened she is no longer with us.”

Pensacon hasn’t planned anything as a tribute to Fisher for their February 17th-19th convention, but Bishop says that could change.

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