Late Holiday Shopping creates Crowded Stores


Workers at Academy Sports said the day started off quiet, but sure enough, the crowds filled the store by midday.

If you did do last minute shopping, you may have found some empty shelves. However, most shoppers found what they needed. Some shoppers were from outside the News Five area. They said the trick to surviving is making it a family event.

“It makes it easier and funner but it’s definitely still crowded,” said Michelle Olson, from Texas.

“My wife sent me out here today so that’s the reason we’re out here today,” said Frank Nittinger, while he laughed. “No, I didn’t get a choice. This is my first stop for the day and I think this will be my last stop of the day. The traffic is crazy in town right now.”

“We’ll compared to Philadelphia and Delaware, this is not a crowd, said Barry Overton, from Philadelphia. “We just wanted to get some last minute things and actually the prices are cheaper here than in Philadelphia and up north. You know, they just charge you through the roof so we decided to take care of some of the lower prices here.”

Academy Sports has extended their hours today and tomorrow. The store is open until midnight tonight and reopens at six tomorrow morning.

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