Holiday Travelers Share Tips for Staying Entertained and Safe

Traffic, cramped quarters, soreness, hunger, annoying music, pesky kids… the list goes on and on.  Traveling for the holidays isn’t something many people look forward to, but some of the travelers we talked with are patient, cautious, and creative with their time spent in the car.

From Mobile to Pensacola, I-10 has been busy this Christmas Eve-Eve.  People are spending their time on the road eating and staying entertained.

“Donuts!” one woman declared of her favorite travel snack.  “I’ve got some pistachios and beef jerky. A road trip is not a road trip without beef jerky.”

Treats don’t just come for human travelers.

“She has rawhides,” Cheryl Brown said of her dog, Daisy. “We talk and she tries to get up in the front, you know, dog stuff.  When she’s gottta go to the bathroom, she Corgi talks,” Brown said, mimicking a dog howl.

Some are getting out of town for the weekend, like three single mothers who don’t have their children this year.  They’re traveling to New Orleans for the weekend.

“We are not sitting at home alone and depressed onChristmass morning,” one of the moms said.  “We’re not. It’s hard without your family… Without your kids… But, you gotta go have fun.”

Others are not sure how many more visits they’ll get to make.

We asked Chester Theall, who is traveling from Florida to Louisiana if the drive time is worth it.  “Yes, to see my momma,” Theall said.  “She’s getting elderly, and the rest of my family. Then you dread the travel back.”

No matter how you get there, getting there safe is most important.  The travelers around you are watching.

“They just whip in and out,” said Alex Farfalla of other drivers on I-10.  “Not using your blinker or being on their phones/devices,” is what Juliana Schroeder said she’s seen most of the reckless drivers.  Both women are headed back to Ft. Walton from Biloxi.

Over the river and down I-10, to holiday celebrations travelers go… at a safe speed with seatbelts on, of course.

This is expected to be a record-breaking year for holiday travel.  AAA expects more than 103 million people to visit friends and families between December 23rd and January 3rd.


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