Multi-State Identity Theft Ring Ends in Baldwin County

Trafficking in Stolen Identities
Florida couple in custody after traffic stop on I-10 in Baldwin County.

When the blue lights go on and a vehicle is pulled over, officers never know what they will find.

In the case of Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputies Jason Kolbe and Ryan Delmore, they were looking for a specific vehicle traveling east on Interstate 10. That traffic stop led to the arrest of two suspects and the end of a multi-state identity theft ring.

Renier Rives and Eunises Meneses are now behind bars. Authorities say they used skimming devices at gas stations to bilk unsuspecting customers of thousands of dollars and stealing their personal information.


“This particular device was inside the pump,” says Attorney General Luther Strange. “It was not visible to the eye. Apparently, it is easier to open a gas pump machine than you think and people who are intent on stealing your information know how to do that.”

Inside the car, almost 65 hundred dollars in cash, 315 gift cards and 39 stolen debit card numbers. The theft ring spanned almost two dozen cities in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Virginia and that’s just what investigators know, so far. “Right now we are in the 120 victim range,” says state investigator Jake Frith. “We are still attempting to identify victims.”

Investigators expect to find even more victims as they track the couple’s route from Texas to Florida checking for hidden skimming devices along the way.

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