Saraland Leaders Ask for Prayer in Wake of Officer Shooting

In a town with fewer than 45 police officers, news that one was shot on the job is a hard pill to swallow.

“This honestly feels like this happened to a family member of ours. all we can do at this point is hope and pray for her. she is family,” Mayor Howard Rubenstein said.
“We have a wonderful police department. They’re a close-knit group. They do a wonderful job of community-policing and becoming part of the community. It’s just heartbreaking to see this happen to one of our police officers.”
The Saraland Christian Ministerial Association, which is made up of pastors and religious leaders, has already visited the hospital and the police station to help officers, friends and family members who are trying to cope with the news.
“One thing I’d ask of all those watching is to be in prayer for our community and the officer’s family, especially during this Christmas season. I cant imagnie how difficult that would be this time of year,” Hoppe said.
Saraland City Schools Superintendent Dr. Aaron Milner offered his support as well.
“We work closely, as a school system, with all of the members of the police department. It’s my opinion that we have one of the best police chiefs in the state of Alabama because he loves his officers. I can’t imagine  the struggle he’s going through right now, but especially the family of those involved.”

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