Conservative Judicial Group Pushing for Sessions as AG

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
Senator Jeff Sessions is getting a boost in his fight to be the next Attorney General of the US.  A conservative judicial group is running an ad and website supporting the Alabama senator for the job of Attorney General. It is running now on internet platforms in Washington DC. This, along with this website, are meant to help the Alabama senator.

“Having someone like Jeff Sessions with this new administration to try and set things right to make sure we have a department of justice that’s dedicated across the board to enforcing the law,” said Carrie Severino with the Judicial Crisis Network. JCN started a little more than a decade ago to help push the judicial nominees of President George W. Bush. They also campaign against judicial nominees that are deemed too liberal like Merrick Garland.

“Senate Democrats feel like they need to make a show of doing something to try to oppose this administration unfortunately they’ve chosen senator sessions as a way to do that,” said Severino.

Sessions appointment to a federal judgeship was derailed 30 years ago as Democrats were critical of comments sessions made during his career some considered racist. Severino said Sessions has a long track record of fighting for just causes.

“He prosecuted and then help end the KKK in Alabama he’s someone who campaigned against George Wallace the segregationist, things not everyone was doing at the time,” said Severino. We don’t know who’s paying for this ad–the judicial crisis network is what’s known as a dark money group that doesn’t have to disclose its donors.

“I mean we’ve received death threats for the work that we do we have to protect our donors and that’s why we have to protect their confidentiality,” said Severino.

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