Vandals Target Foley Neighborhood

Foley vandalism
Foley neighborhood victim of vandals. Spray-painted houses and vehicles.

Dan Teele’s Chevy is a mess.

Overnight it was spray-painted. The dirty words have already been removed but the word “Trump” believed to be part of the motivation for the vandalism.

Earlier in the evening, Teele had returned from delivering relief supplies to fire victims in Gatlinburg so, this wasn’t exactly the welcome home he had hoped for. “Did that take away that high? Not a bit. You can’t destroy God’s love. You can try to poke it a little bit but that’s all it is.”

More than half a dozen cars and at least three houses were all spray-painted overnight. Most of the graffiti was too vulgar to show on television.

Within a few minutes of steady work, the majority of what the vandals left behind had been erased.

“You had the photograph of Trump on there and it’s gone so, I just finish detailing the rest of it out and make it look brand new again,” says detailer Brad Lonsinger. “It’s just job security.”

Regardless of what they were trying to accomplish, what message they were trying to send, Teele says, they failed. “They didn’t hurt my wife. They didn’t hurt me. Just gave me an inconvenience.”

The vandalism took place in Sweetgum Village off County Road 55. Authorities ask anyone who might have information that could help solve this crime to call Baldwin County Sheriffs.

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