City: No Wrongdoing in Tree Removal

City officials addressed the mobile tree commission last night — over the recent Donald Trump tree controversy.

The cedar tree was cut down to be used as a Christmas tree backdrop for last weekend’s Trump rally, but many people were upset it was used for that purpose.

Members of Mobile’s Tree Commission, who typically field requests when public trees are removed, say they had no warning the tree was coming down.

City Attorney Ricardo Woods says the administration had no obligation to do so.

“It’s an emotional response, and legally it’s no jurisdiction and those are just citizens that are voicing their opinions and no role what so ever does the tree commission have in this particular situation,” said Woods.

The tree commission would have only been notified if the plans to remove the tree were denied by the city Forrester. However, members of the Tree Commission say there is no written proof the plans being accepted.

“’Okay well yeah wink, wink, we approved the project only after it has become a controversy,’ that’s the room for interpretation that in this situation I don’t like,” said Commission Member Jesse McDaniel. “I would have liked to have had something in writing that shows that they gave the approval.”

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