The Great Toy Drive Ends as a Success

The eighth annual Great Toy Drive came to a close Monday afternoon and the numbers are in.  We collected 30,273 toys! That met our goal of 30,000 toys.

Mounds of toys filled the center making it difficult to walk or even put more toys in.  During our noon newscast, the Toy Drive officially came to a close but the work did not.  Toys were counted while placed into bags for each child.  It took more than 50 volunteers to bag all the toys today and many, many others to collect all those toys.

“Thank you to our viewers and for their generosity,” said Mark Bunting, WKRG Vice President and General Manager.  “And we thank our partners for their generosity and the work that the Salvation Army does to make sure that all of these toys go to needy families that are deserving and looking for our help.”

The total number of toys includes the bikes that we collected.  We collected 299 bikes.  So many bikes that we had to store them in another room!

From WKRG and all of our Toy Drive partners, we want to say thank you and Happy Holidays.

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