Chief of Staff Apologizes for Rally Christmas Tree that was Cut Down

There was something stirring up controversy at the President-elects “Thank You” Tour rally on Saturday afternoon.

It was not a person it was a thing a massive 50-ft tall Christmas tree strategically placed right in front of the score board at the rally.

The Cedar Tree was cut down from Public Safety Memorial Park and has caused an uproar for some residents.


News 5 has gotten a few heated phone calls about it. They say the tree is a part of public property and belongs to everyone.

Today in a press release  the City of Mobile apologizes.

The statement reads:


Official Statement of Apology for Actions Taken in Preparation for President-Elect Trump’s Visit.

“Yesterday’s visit by President-Elect Trump to the City of Mobile was an incredible opportunity to showcase our City and offer a great event to those attending.

In preparing for this event, I worked closely with the advance team. In an effort to make sure every detail was covered and the expectations of the President-Elect’s team were exceeded, I became overzealous.

I now know there are citizens who are upset and offended that a tree from a City park was used as part of the decorations for the event. I accept full responsibility for having this done.

For this, I sincerely apologize.  Going forward, I will be more sensitive to the spectrum of concerns regarding trees.

– Colby Cooper, Chief of Staff, City of Mobile

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