Truck from Baldwin Bound For Fire Ravaged Tennessee

Fairhope, AL (WKRG)
Members of a church in Fairhope are putting the finishing touches on a Christmas season relief effort. With the help of groups around the area, South River Park Church of God has become a gathering point for relief. A truckload of supplies will head to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

“It is the spirit of the Christmas season,” said church member David Johnson. With a narrow aisle down the middle, the bed of the truck is being filled. Truck Driver Dan Teele is trying to organize the supplies, so the arrival won’t be hectic.

“Well, I’m trying to keep it separate so that when we get there they have some kind of resemblance of order in the truck so we can get them to come in and take all the food products,” said Teele. The truck is filled with a lot of stuff. Towards the front, there’s a lot of pet food too.

“They mentioned they have thousands of pets who don’t have owners, the Humane Society has been overwhelmed,” said Pastor Wayne Anderson. The big truck furniture truck will hit the road just after Sunday services and the people working on this project say the response has been overwhelming.

“This has just turned into a huge community effort where organizations, Volunteers of America, Baldwin County Ecumenical Ministries, a lot of other churches a lot of other companies have bought in,” said Pastor Anderson. The truck was donated by standard furniture and several sites, including some fire stations in Mobile, turned into drop-off points for the goods people are loading into the truck. The truck will head to a drop-off point in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Sunday.

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