Jobs, Safety, Unity At Center Of Trump’s Thank You Tour Speech


Trump made a victorious return to the Port City like he promised over a year ago.

“This is where it all began, remember that great rally we had?” says Trump.

Philip Brown is the Chairman of Alabama’s Minority Republican Party and says Trump breaks all the rules.

“But Donald Trump is the kind of guy that fights, he’s a fighter and that’s one thing I like about him, he’s a fighter,” says Brown.

After talking extensively about the campaign and winning election night, he said now the real work begins. He says he’ll stand up for the American worker. One thing many people here loved hearing.

“That is why we’re going to lower our business tax rate from 35% down to 15% and you’re going to see things happen. Going to eliminate job killing regulations and lift the restrictions on the production of American energy including shale, oil, natural gas, and beautiful clean coal, we’re going to put our miners back to work,” says trump.

“And being in the industry of energy and producing energy here with all of our rigs and oil companies in the area it’s very, very important to have a man who believes in energy and believes in jobs…and wants to bring it back here, that’s amazing,” says Tyler Hayes.

Turning to terrorism, he wasn’t too specific, but made blanket statements.

“I’m going to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country,” says Trump.

And it’s that kind of talk, people say, that separates him from so-called “talking head” politicians.

“We appreciated his honesty. He’s so real with the people,” says one rally goer.

“He made it very clear, he’s all about America again, the United States of America,” says Tammi Taylor.

“From all parties, all beliefs, all races, all walks of life, whether you are African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, we’re all American and we’re all united by one shared destiny,” says Trump.

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