6 things to know before you go to Donald Trump’s Mobile event

President Elect Donald Trump will be in the Port City, Dec. 17.

This marks his return after the 2015 Mobile rally which saw a crowd just under 20,000 people at Ladd-Peebles Stadium back when he was a candidate.

1. How do I get a ticket?

You have to get tickets on DonaldJTrump.com under the events section. They’re free, but they need a head count so you must have one.

2. Can I park? Can I Uber?

Parking opens at Ladd at 8 a.m. for free. That will fill up quickly. There will be overflow parking at Williamson High as well. Often, houses allow you to park in their yards. They are legally required to have permits. Without a permit, they may not be allowed to let you park in their yard. Local businesses that typically allow parking during bowl games, etc., will likely have parking open too.

There will be reserved parking for disabled guests with ADA parking decals. All guests, including those being dropped off or riding Uber/Taxi can arrive at the stadium along the Lott Street entrance and proceed to the designated parking and drop off areas.

3. Where are the shuttles?

Shuttles will go from 3 places — Festival Center near HH Gregg, Springdale Mall at the old Belk parking lot, and the Mobile Civic Center. They begin at 10 a.m. and they’ll run continuously.

4. When does it start? When does it end?

3 p.m. is the start time and typically the rallies last less than two hours.

5. Who all is speaking?

In addition to Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Reverend Franklin Graham, Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.


You cannot bring in aerosols, ammunition, animals (than service/guide animals), backpacks, bags and signs exceeding size restrictions of 12x12x12, bicycles, balloons, coolers, drones and other unmanned aircraft systems, explosives, firearms, glass or thermal or metal containers, laser pointers, mace/pepper spray, packages, selfie sticks, structures, supports for signs and placards, toy guns, or weapons of any kind.

So that means no sticks to hold up signs.

We have also heard that professional cameras with detachable lenses will not be permitted.

Everything you have will be searched.

And of course, the Secret Service can choose to ban whatever they wish.

You probably don’t want to test those guys.



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