Pittman Says He’s Ready To Serve in U.S. Senate

South Alabama State Senator Trip Pittman says he is ready to serve to fill out the Senate term of Senator Jeff Sessions, if the Governor so decides.

Pittman told News 5 he has already decided not to seek re-election to his state senate seat in 2018, even though he has held the position of Budget Committee Chairman for the past five years.  He says he believes in term limits.

However, Pittman says if Governor Robert Bentley decides to appoint him to fill the remaining months of Sessions term, he will do it.  Further, he says, depending on who the Governor appoints, he is also prepared to run for the seat in a special election in 2018.  An exact date for that has not been set.

Sessions was nominated to be the new U.S. Attorney General in the Donald Trump administration.  He still faces Senate confirmation.  It has left a scramble among several people in Alabama who would like to go to Washington.

Among them, current Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange.  News 5 has reported on the situation facing the Governor if he considers appointing Luther Strange.  Strange’s office is currently in the midst of an investigation over the Governor’s alleged affair with his former top advisor, and use of state resources.  Appointing Strange could work in the Governor’s favor with regard to ending or perhaps at least stalling the investigation and thwarting impeachment efforts.

Governor Bentley is expected to begin interviewing potential candidates to replace Sessions soon.

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