Trump Rally Line-Up Takes Shape

Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Mobile, Ala., on Friday, Aug. 21, 2015. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

The line-up for the Donald Trump Thank You Tour Saturday at Ladd-Peebles Stadium is taking shape.

Besides the President-Elect, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s choice for US Attorney General, will speak, and possibly the Vice President-Elect.

“Mike Pence might be there as well,” Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Alabama, told News-5 Wednesday. “He’s not been able to make all of these (tour stops) with Mr. Trump but if we have all three of these this really will be a special event.”

The Trump Transition team won’t confirm a Pence appearance but says Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Rev. Billy Graham, will give the invocation and address the crowd. Another speaker will be Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

Cliff Sims of the Trump Transition team says Saturday’s event won’t be a repeat of Trump’s campaign appearance at Ladd-Peebles in August, 2015.

“I really think you’ll see us move away from the campaign talking points and rhetoric and we’ve already seen and a move towards uniting the country and rallying folks together,” he said.

Sims says Mobile had to be a part of the Trump Thank You Tour for the role the rally here last year had in legitimizing and fueling the campaign.

“That was a flash point in the primary election,” Sims said. “It was like the center of the political universe for one night there and that’s really something that the President-elect has really stuck out to him.”

News-5 estimated the rally crowd at 18,000. The Trump campaign repeatedly has used a 30,000 figure.

Sims says “tens of thousands” have already claimed tickets for Saturday at but that thousands more remain.

Sims encourages those who don’t like Trump and didn’t vote for him to attend the rally.

“I’d say give us a shot,” Sims said. “This is a guy who has said he wants to be president for all Americans whether you voted for him or not. Give him a chance. I think that’s something I’d say directly to them and come out and have a good time. We’re going to have fun whether you agree or not politically with what’s said, it’s going to be a great time and it’s going to be a celebration of who we are as Americans.”


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