MPD Chief: Officer Fired After Shooting Into Vehicle Outside of Jurisdiction

Mobile Police say a probationary officer has been fired for shooting into a vehicle outside of Mobile Police jurisdiction.

According to Chief James Barber, officer Ivan Lopez claimed to observe a car making a traffic violation in Mobile early Saturday morning and followed the car into Prichard. During a traffic stop where Lopez encountered the driver outside the vehicle, the driver got back in the car and attempted to get away, prompting Lopez to fire at least five shots into the vehicle.

“We are an organization of rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Any violations of those which endangers police officers or citizens we take very seriously and you see us take very decisive action when that happens,” said Chief Barber.

Lopez joined the department in September after being an officer in Prichard and Chickasaw. In 2012, Lopez was arrested for an off-duty incident on the causeway. He was accused of trying to run a woman off the road. The case was later dismissed in circuit court.

The investigation is still being conducted. It will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office and the FBI upon completion.


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