Mobile’s Capital Improvement Plan Successful For 2016, Council Says Expect More In 2017

road improvements pic

In 2016, the City of Mobile launched 200 capital improvement projects. Roadways were repaved, sidewalks were rebuilt and parks were improved across all seven council districts in Mobile. Many of the issues fixed this year have needed attention for quite some time. However, funding issues delayed any movement on these issues.

“So many of our projects have been backlogged for years and years. So, in essence, the city is just really scratching the surface if you will,” Gina Gregory, Council President, said.

“We had no capital dollars for a number of years. Everybody was held off for a number of years–even in the new area of town which I represent in District 6 was falling apart. We need to always maintain the city’s infrastructure,” Councilwoman Bess Rich said.

The Mobile City Council was able to find a way to fund these improvement projects in 2016.

$3.7 million went towards roadway repaving, $1.9 million was allocated towards repairing and replacing sidewalks, and $940,000 was spent on fixing drainage issues across the city.

“The Capital Improvement Plan was a brain child of the council. We extended the penny tax. The penny generates 32 million dollars a year, which in three years is 96 million dollars,” Councilman Fred Richardson said.

Capital improvement funds have gone towards fixing numerous issues across all seven council districts. Drainage issues across the city have caused major problems. The council was focused on improving this issue. Here is a before and after photo of the ditches in front of Trinity Gardens.

032 024

Fred Richardson headed up the effort to get these ditches covered up and drains put in.

According to the council, we can expect more improvements in 2017.

For more information on projects taking place around Mobile check out

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