Mayor, Police Chief Pleased by Viral Proposal’s Outcome

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
City officials are generally supportive of the viral video featuring mobile police helping a young man with his surprise marriage proposal over the weekend. Mobile police Chief James Barber addressed some of the criticism the video received. This viral proposal video started when Daiwon Mcpherson asked Mobile Police spokesman Terrence Perkins for the Department’s help in recreating his 2013 arrest. It was approved by assistant Chief Lawrence Battiste. Mobile Police Chief James Barber said he found out about it after it happened but would have approved it himself had he known.

“But it does bring together a community we’re here to serve in a very positive way,” said Mobile Police Chief James Barber. Most have been generally supportive of the video.

“I don’t necessarily see any inherent negatives, any positive interactions we can achieve between police and our citizens,” said Mobile City Councilman Levon Manzie. The harshest criticism has come from people saying this was a waste, a mockery of police involved shootings or a potentially dangerous situation that could have escalated. The chief said everything was under control.

“The scene itself was controlled, it was pretty obvious what we were doing was filming,” said Chief Barber. Mobile’s mayor was also happy with how this turned out but was also cautious about how social media is used in the future.

“It does cause concern and the chief and I have had a discussion on this because this is the sort of thing that can spiral out of control but this one happened to have a happy ending,” said Stimpson. Mobile’s Police Chief called this a harmless skit and good example of outreach. Barber also said the officers involved in the video were on duty at the time. Mcpherson said they only had a fifteen-minute window to get his fiancé in place for the video.

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