Beulah Family Loses Everything In Fire

House Fire
This is all that's left of the Bergquist's house.

BEULAH, FL- The fire woke up David Bergquist and his wife, Cheryl, early Sunday.

“It went up so fast, it was nothing in 10 minutes,” says David. “By the time the fire department got here, it was 150 ft flames shooting through the roof, it was terrible.”

The family’s house in the Beulah community in Escambia County, Florida, will have to be bulldozed.

David woke up his stepson. The family got out with only what they were wearing.

Two of the family pets made it out, but a cat died in the fire.

One volunteer firefighter with the Beulah VFD suffered heat exhaustion and was rushed to the hospital. We’re told he’ll be okay.

A go fund me account has been set up under the name “David and Cheryl Bergquist House Fire.”


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