The Story Behind MPD-backed Proposal Video

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
The men behind mobile’s newest viral video sensation explain why they did it. Daiwon Mcpherson proposed to his girlfriend Friday night surrounded by police officers it what was made to look like an arrest.

“My goal was to get the best reaction from my fiancé and I achieved that,” said Mcpherson. Mcpherson along with his buddy Tyler S. Colvin helped put together this video.

“Try to show the world also that all police ain’t bad you’ve still got some cops out here that’s willing to help their fellow citizens,” said McPherson. On the surface, it looks like Mcpherson’s being arrested but he says there’s more to it. He says this is a recreation of his arrest three years ago at this very gas station. Mcpherson that incident helped turn his life around.

“I didn’t do this for likes, I didn’t do this for attention I just wanted my girl to have her ultimate YouTube moment like what she shows me when we’re laying down in bed,” said McPherson. The video has been seen millions of times in just 48 hours.

“I haven’t been getting no sleep, I got death threats I’ve got more positive than negative, I don’t see how the average superstar can live like this,” said Mcpherson.

The video was sanctioned by the Mobile Police Department and a spokesman claims the officers are pointing unloaded Tasers, not guns. The video has received a mostly positive reception. Some have been critical of the piece saying it’s either a waste of time or making light high-profile police shootings. Mcpherson told me he’s sorry if anyone was offended but he intended on making something that was positive.

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