Police Investigating Fake Cop Reports in North Mobile County

Police in Saraland are looking into reports of a police impersonator, after a teenager says someone tried to pull her over last week.

Gabby Quintero says it happened Tuesday night on Highway 43 after she noticed a white Chevy Impala following her for several miles.

“I did everything right, and he flicked his lights on and it literally looked like two flashlights taped to his car and they were blue,” said Quintero.

She says she called 911 and a dispatcher told her not to pull over. The situation ended when Quintero reached a more well-lit area and says the car turned around.

Saraland Police says no report was filed on the incident and they were not notified that anything had taken place, but it is something they will investigate.

“We’re going to look into it anyway, but we hope that if somebody has any information on this event or any kind of person acting as a police officer we would love for them to come forward. We are here to address it. We are not going to allow people to go out and impersonate officers,” said Cpl Gary Cole.

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