Officer Involved Shooting Investigation

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office says Citronelle police were responding to a domestic call when an officer shooting occurred around 8:30 Monday night.
Authorities say 36-year-old Michael O’Rourke was attempting to break into his estranged girlfriend’s home. When police responded, O’Rourke told them that he was armed.
He fled in a vehicle, leading police on a short chase that ended up back at the home.
The suspect tried to drive across the front lawn, towards a parked police officer. That officer fired buckshot into O’Rourke’s front windshield.
O’Rourke was taken to the hospital with minor injuries from debris and glass from the shotgun blasts.
Police will be charge him with Burglary 1st and Domestic Violence 3rd when he leaves the hospital.


Citronelle police are investigating an officer shooting that occurred around 8:30 Monday night. The shooting took place on Grove Park.
Sheriffs officials say police were responding to reports of a domestic call.
A suspect was shot and his condition is unknown at this time. No officers were injured.

We’ll bring you more details on this story as they come available.

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