Local Republican Leader Looks Forward to Trump Visit

President-Elect Donald Trump will be back in the port city this week. I spoke with the chairman of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee about the upcoming event.

“It’s going to be like a, probably like one of the largest football games that’s ever been held in that stadium,” says Skipper.

John Skipper is chairman of the county’s Republican Executive Committee and he’s looking forward to Trump’s Thank You Tour that will land pretty much where it started last August—Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

“My reaction is obviously one of great excitement.”

But he says the reaction of the opposition is a little much.

“I snicker because I find it very humorous. That comes from a party that says we’re supposed to be open, we’re supposed to be receptive to other ideas, other races, other genders, and their reaction is just totally opposite.”

But the president-elect doesn’t seem to be concerned with what the opposition is saying. He is, however, dealing with the fact that Russia might have been an influence in the election. Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway addressed the issue this morning on CBS’ Face the Nation.

“He has made very clear in an interview aired this morning on a different network, John, that he feels, A, there is a great deal of confusion, no on source — no on-the-record sources coming to a very bright-line conclusion about what happened here, and that he thinks that people are trying to relitigate the election,” says Conway.

It’s possible we may see continued resistance leading up to, and even after Mr. Trump is sworn into office next month.

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