What’s Working: Christmas Cards Made By Blind and Deaf Students

If you haven’t purchased your Christmas cards yet, students attending a local school for children with disabilities have created some cards that you can purchase. The students attend the Regional School for the Deaf and Blind. The school doesn’t have an art program, so one of the mobility instructors, Amy Hess, and local artist, Nancy Raia, came up with the Christmas card program years ago.art-4 Despite the fact that many of the children can’t see, they create beautiful art!  Raia says, “We have to come up with different ways to create the art. If they have low vision, we might use masking tape because they can feel it and apply the paint. If they have low vision, we might draw on a big black piece of paper with white chalk.”art-3

Amy Hess says the Christmas cards are a way to show the community how talented these children are. “I wanted to show the community what we can do, versus what we can’t do. They get to show themselves in different ways and express themselves through using clay, wire, and paint.”art-1

If you would like to purchase a pack of six cards, they are $5. The Southwest Regional School for the deaf and Blind is located at 3980 Burma Road. Their phone number is (251)221-5454.

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