Strange Noises Lead to An Arrest of Baldwin County Fugitive

Manhunt ends at local mans garage
The beginning of the end of a manhunt for Neal Tate Green.

In the back of Robert Ellison’s workshop, a garage.

“I thought it was messy before,” says Ellison. “But that was nothing like it is now.”


Last night, a strange noise was coming from inside. “There was no hollering, nobody saying anything. Just a low beat. Then it stopped, beat again and I didn’t hear it no more so I go back in the house.”

Overnight he had heard sirens and even got a phone call that sheriff’s deputies were looking for someone in the area. But, he wasn’t thinking about that when he went to check on his garage where he had heard that noise.

“This morning I got up. I came around and checked and sure enough it was beat in so I went back in the house and called 911.”

Deputies arrived quickly. “Someone from the inside had barricaded the doors on the shed and done a good job at it,” says Major Anthony Lowery with the sheriff’s office. “So, at that point, the decision was made for the use of force with the dog.”


Locked inside the garage, Neal Tate Green from Fairhope. “He was just trapped. He trapped his ownself,” says Ellison.

Green had led deputies on a high-speed chase across the county. From County Road 64 in the Belforest community to County Road 68 where he crashed his car, ran into the woods and later found Ellison’s garage.


“When the dog got on him well, it didn’t take but just a minute to know somebody was in there and him and the dog wasn’t getting along,” says Ellison.

The quilt Green had wrapped up in is shredded and bloody now. “He had existing felony charges,” says Lowery. “Part of the reason that he ran, he had a bag of what we believe to be methamphetamine and needles in the car.”

A memorable night for Ellison, “Crazy night. Never in a million years. Been here 40 years I never had nothing like this.” and for him, once is enough.

Green suffered bites to his hand, arm and groin area. He has been arrested at least four times in Baldwin County this year. He is back behind bars tonight.

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