Plain Gardening: Poinsettias

What do you do with poinsettias after the holidays are over? Throw ‘em out?

Gardening Expert Bill Finch says no! He keeps his, and even borrows poinsettias from other folks because they grow so well in a Gulf Coast garden.

Modern poinsettias grow to the height of small bushes and add a wonderful splash of color to your winter garden. Bill Finch says old-fashioned poinsettias, if you can find them, will grow to eight feet or more. There are lots of varieties and colors.

Poinsettias are considered Christmas plants because they start blooming when the days get shorter, and are at their peak near Christmas. Actually, the color comes from bracts, something between petals and leaves. Oh, and poinsettias don’t taste good, but they’re not harmful.

Learn more about poinsettias by calling Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings from 9-11 on 106.5FM or email

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