Grinch Caught On Camera


It’s the holiday season and we’re seeing lots of modern-day grinches!

“This is the camera that actually caught the incident,” says Clifford Robinson.

Thieves are eyeing packages on your front stoop. Clifford Robinson has a surveillance system that includes multiple cameras. One of them caught a woman stealing packages from his next door neighbor.

“She asked me to look at it and see what time UPS came.”

You can see in his surveillance video the UPS delivery guy dropping off the packages. Shortly after, a woman in a dark colored SUV drives by to scope it out. Then pulls right in to the driveway. At first, she doesn’t see the packages and walks to a side door. Realizing they must be at the front, she goes there again. Seconds later, she is gone with an armful of Christmas presents that were meant for his neighbor’s children.

“Some video games for her son and a very expensive Pandora bracelet for her daughter.”

A security camera won’t bring back her packages, but the sight of a camera could scare away potential burglars.

If you’re looking for a simple security system, I picked one up for under $20. It’s from Bunker Hill security and it’s a chime to let you know when a person or car comes within a 400-foot range.

If you want a camera, there’s one for $70 at Best Buy. It’s the D-Link HD Wifi camera. It connects to your wifi and records video and sound.


“It’s not nice, it’s not nice, but it’s the world we live in. the name of the game is don’t get caught,” says Robinson.

In some cases, you can leave instructions with the delivery company to put any packages out of sight from the main street.

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