Aging Infrastructure In Mobile Beginning To Fail

Recent water main breaks and sewer overflows are indicators of age when it comes to Mobile’s underground infrastructure.

Mobile’s underground water and sewer pipes may be out of sight but they should not be out of mind.

“The stuff in the ground is aging. Unfortunately, no one sees it so no one thinks it’s important until they have a failure and then don’t have water and then that’s a crisis,” Barbara Shaw with MAWSS said.

54 percent of Mobile’s pipe are made of clay. Clay pipes break and crack easily causing leaks in the lines.

“As those are deteriorating they are causing problems– either causing collapses where you are seeing the street collapse or they are causing blockages which have to be cleared,” Barbara Shaw with MAWSS said.

Telltale signs of aging infrastructure are popping up every day. MAWSS says the underground pipes need to be replaced and repaired.

MAWSS is considering a 5% rate hike in 2017 to cover the costs of repairing Mobile’s infrastructure.

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