Two Juveniles Arrested for Smoky Mountain Wildfire

Smoke surrounds a home as seen from aboard a National Guard helicopter near Gatlinburg, Tenn., Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016. Thousands of people have fled deadly wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of homes and a resort in the Great Smoky Mountains. (AP Photo/Erik Schelzig)

Two juveniles have been arrested and charged for their roles in starting the wildfire that tore through the Smoky Mountain area and the resort area of Gatlinburg, Tenn.

During a news conference today by the local authorities, they announced the two suspects would be charged with aggravated arson and it is possible they could tried as adults.

The investigation is ongoing, but James Dunn, the 4th District Attorney of Tennessee, said, “everything is on the table.”

The investigation is being completed by state and federal investigators. According to the Chief Ranger at Smoky Mountain National Park, the investigators joined forces in late November to better handle the case.

The ages of the two juveniles were not released during the press conference, but they will be appearing in court within the next 72 hours. They said the juveniles are from Tennessee, but not Sevier County. Officials said state law prevents releasing more information about them.

14 people were killed and over 100 injured in the wildfire that ravaged the Tennessee communities. Over 1,500 structures were destroyed and many families and businesses are left picking up the pieces.

News Five will continue to follow this story and update when there is more information available.

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