Teachers Speak Out Against Proposed Lay-Off Policy Changes

Many Mobile County teachers say they have serious concerns over proposed changes to District’s policy regarding employee layoffs, worried it would devalue employee seniority.

“The new policy that they are trying to bring forward is going to take away tenure to where it means absolutely nothing and it weakens those teachers that have paid their dues,” said Peter Hall, an 18-year employee with the school system.

The school system’s Reduction in Force Policy applies to when the district has to make staff cuts to balance the budget. Under the current policy, seniority is weighted heavily. The new police would place it behind other considerations.

“Proposed changes to MCPSS’s policy would mostly apply to non-tenured employees, who would be reassigned or non-renewed prior to tenured employees. In the case of tenured employees, consideration would be given to employees who are certified in their position, who are effective as determined by the three most recent performance evaluations, who have professional education and work experience related to their job, and who have seniority,” District Officials said in a letter to teachers.

At this point, Superintendent Martha Peek says the proposal is just a policy change and there are no plans to start a reduction in force.

Another public meeting on the proposal will be held Monday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. at the district office for employees to give their input.

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