Stop Arm Cameras Live On 70 MCPSS School Buses

The ‘stop arm’ cameras on 70 of Mobile County’s school buses are now online and in operation.


Stop-arm cameras are being used all over the country due to motorists who illegally drive through the stop arms on school buses. The Mobile County Public School System told News 5 the cameras are being implemented to ensure the safety of students.

“Unfortunately, we have had situations where motorists for whatever reason will drive through a deployed stop arm. When you do that you pose a tremendous danger to the student. So we searched and were able to identify a company that was able to help us with this and so hence the installation of the stop arm cameras,” Pat Mitchell with MCPSS said.


Mobile County is the first school system in the state to use the cameras.  Four cameras in total are placed in a box behind the stop arm on the left-hand side of the school bus. The two cameras in the front will capture any car that illegally drives through the stop arm. The two cameras on the back will capture the license plate of the violator.

“We have about 70 units now that are online that are actually working. So whenever a bus driver encounters a situation where someone drove through a stop arm at that point in time we can notify the administrative side of the company and they will pull that footage from that particular incident,” Pat Mitchell with MCPSS said.

After the bus driver reports the violator and the video of the incident is pulled, a law enforcement officer will then review the footage. If the law enforcement officer finds the driver in violation that person will be sent a $300 citation in the mail.

The cameras come at no cost to the school system or the taxpayers because the camera company gets a percentage of all paid citations.

So far, no violations have been reported.


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