BCSO Holiday Patrols Hope to Curb Holiday Crime

Baldwin Co. deputies on patrol
BCSO increasing patrols through Christmas season.

Zipping through a neighborhood near you, delivery trucks doing what they do. Leaving packages on front porches that are an easy target for thieves.

But, also riding through neighborhoods, Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputies on a special detail to crack down on holiday thefts.

“We’re looking to suppress crime before it happens and apprehend it right after it happens,” says Corporal Shane Robinson with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.


From now through the end of December, during all hours of the day and night, deputies like Robinson, will be on a special patrol. “We’re looking for regular traffic violations, DUI’s, as well as criminal element that might be stealing packages or breaking into cars stealing gifts.”

Stealing gifts in broad daylight has become a common occurrence. Captured on security cameras the thieves all seem to have one thing in common according to Robinson. “If someone is in the area to do wrong, they are not going to be speeding around in a neighborhood. They’re not going to be driving with a flag that says pay attention to me. They’re looking to blend in.”


The season of giving is also becoming a season of something else. “It’s a perfect time of year to collect stolen items.” It’s hoped an increased law enforcement presence will keep most of the Christmas presents where they belong.

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