Owa Progress Report; Foley Entertainment Development

Owa under construction
The Foley entertainment development is starting to take shape.

Build it and they will come and the building part is certainly underway on more than 500 acres in southeast Foley.

“We’ve seen it,” says Leslie Davis who works across the street. “Basically all the dirt moving and finally seeing some buildings and structures.”

The latest addition, the Arrow Zoom thrill ride. It will be one of the more than a dozen attractions in the Owa theme park that includes four roller coasters and is expected to be open by the summer of 2017.


“For the people in this area, the economic development, the jobs, the growth, it’s going to be huge,” says local realtor Bob Pitts.

Executives with Owa are just back from a trip to Orlando to reveal the rest of the attractions for the theme park. All those rides already have hearts beating a little faster back home. “Very positive about it,” says Pitts. “The people are positive and I think this is going to be a tremendous thing for this area.”


With every pile of dirt that is sculpted into a foundation and every giant, concrete support beam that is put into place, confidence in what it could mean to the area is building too. “Wonderful to see new business moving in,” says Davis, “it definitely helps the community, especially during the offseason. I think it’s going to be a wonderful thing for this community and the coastal area.”



Just a few years ago the development was just a dream. Now, it’s becoming reality.

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