New Fort Conde Management Explains Coming Admission Charges

The fort has remained fairly static for years. The manager says they new plan is to keep changing the fort to keep people coming back.

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

For the first time in more than 30 years, Mobile’s Historic Fort Conde will soon charge admission.  The change comes on top of a major overhaul and new management that’s trying to make the fort both fun and financially feasible.  As new management prepares to take over the fort, the biggest change you’ll see from the outside is an admission charge from seven to five dollars once an overhaul is completed.

“What can we do to get people here? We’re really good at selling tickets and we’re really good at trading people’s time for fun so we think we can combine those two skills and make it into something the community will really be proud of,” said co-owner of Activation Management Scott Tindle.  Tindle says they’re taking the fort back to basics.  It charged admission when it first opened.  Activation management entered into an agreement with the history museum board to raise money at the fort but Tindle says they’re not being paid by the board to manage the place.

“As entrepreneurs, we really see a lot of potential here at the fort,” said Tindle.  There’s nothing new to show at the fort right now, but it’s hoped by changing the fort every three months will get people to come back repeatedly.

“We really believe in focusing on the length of stay I think you’ll find through the interactivity and programming we create we’ll create a little colonial community here,” said Tindle.  That colonial community may launch by Mardi Gras. As part of the changes, the city of mobile is moving the city’s welcome center from the fort to the History Museum.  The welcome center reopens in one week.

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