Homeowners Catch Armed Robbery on Home Surveillance Video

Three men were arrested Monday morning after an armed robbery at a home in Milton.  Milton Police said Christopher Smith and Tommy Lewis Jr. were the men who broke into the home, while Calvin Matthews waited in a getaway car.  The homeowners told the CW55 about the robbery and showed us the surveillance tape that caught the scary moments.

In the video, you can see the man fight at first, then take his wife, and run to their room.

It wasn’t the first time the homeowners had seen the two men.  Earlier in the night, their dog started barking, and they went to check it out.

“I caught a man running around the corner of the house, and when I got to the corner and peeked around, I saw two men get in a gold van and leave,” said the homeowner, who does not want to share his identity.

Later, the homeowners went outside to smoke.  That’s when they saw the same two men again.  The suspects asked for a cigarette and the homeowners said no.

“I turned the light off, think about it again, turn the light back on, peek out the door and here comes the bigger ones running straight at the door,” the homeowner said.  “I turn the light back off, get around the corner of the door jam, he comes in, gun right in my face. Grab the gun wrist, push him out to the side push him back a little, he fires the gun but you just hear the hammer clock there was nothing in it.”

You can see the two men grab a few things in the home; a tackle box, car jumper cables, and a diaper bag.  The homeowners have a three year old who was upstairs in bed at the time of the robbery.

Police responded to the home within minutes and used the video to make quick arrests.

“It’s very helpful because we were able to have immediate identification of the two suspects who entered the home and also the video evidence of them being armed with a handgun,” said Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell.

The Milton Police are still investigating.  They say all of the stolen items have since been recovered.

The driver of the getaway van drove back by the scene when police were there, and they were able to use the homeowner’s description to arrest the driver, Calvin Matthews.  Matthews and Christopher Smith are still behind bars.  Tommy Lewis Jr. has since been released.

All three are charged with robbery, home invasion with firearm or other deadly weapon.

The suspects arrested in the home robbery (left to right) Christopher Smith, Calvin Matthews, and Tommy Lewis Jr.


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