Bond Denied for De’Launa Powell Killing Suspects


No bond was issued for two teens accused of shooting a young mother at a stop sign in October.

Israel Hall and Antonio Lang are charged with the murder De’Launa Powell.

Hall blamed Lang for the killing after they were arrested, saying the two planned on a carjacking, but Lang fired into the vehicle killing Powell.

Lang went before a judge Monday afternoon.

His attorneys had requested that he be allowed to skip the hearing due to concerns over TV coverage, but that request was denied.

Lang’s lawyers instead tried to Shield their client from cameras.

“He’s 18 years old. We’re not going to drag the kid into the courtroom in front of all these cameras,” said Defense Attorney Claude Patton addressing the media. “At the rate y’all are going we will have to go to Alaska to strike an impartial jury.”

Family members for both Powell and Lang attended the hearing. Lang and Hall will be back in court for a preliminary hearing next month.

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