Police Officer Shot at During Crime Crackdown

Pensacola, FL (WKRG)

Pensacola Police officials are still looking for a man they say took a shot at a police officer this weekend.  The officer was unhurt but the incident reflects an effort to try and crack down on crime after a violent fall season.

The incident started on Highland drive. Police say a man with a gun confronted a woman in her car. Fearing she was in trouble the woman drove off–and the suspect ran just a few blocks away to the intersection of 6th Avenue and Tunis Street. Police say the suspect fired one shot at Officer Matthew Mercado–the officer wasn’t hurt and the suspect got away.

Friday night was part of a coordinated effort by Pensacola police to crack down on gun crimes–something the chief of police talked to us about hours before the incident.

“We felt it was necessary to put some extra emphasis on patrol in areas where we’ve gotten calls where we’ve gotten shots fired,” said Pensacola Police Chief David Alexander in a Friday interview. The so-called violent crime suppression operations are in response to nearly a dozen shootings with one death and no arrest since September 11th. While they didn’t find the man who fired on the officer, Pensacola police say they arrested three others on gun charges and drug charges. The suspect is wanted on attempted murder and assault charges. The brief description from police says they’re looking for a slender black man in dark clothes and a hood.


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