What’s Working: Teenagers “Light” Up Candle-Making Business

Some local teenagers who have grown up in a high crime are of Prichard are earning their own money, by doing something crafty. These teens make candles all year long, one afternoon a week. The candle-making venture is part of the Light of the Village Program. Light of the Village is a non-profit ministry set up in the Alabama Village part of Prichard. The money earned in the candle-making program helps the teens in many ways. Founder John Eads says, “It gives them empowerment to again go toward college costs or high school graduation fees, athletic fees, things their families can’t pay for. They can earn their own way. That is the blessing behind it. It plays a role in their future, and they invest in themselves.”  Money can also be used to pay for a mission trip to Mexico.lights-3

The program is called Lights of LOV (Light of the Village). Teenager Laquandria Reed says she loves the positive atmosphere when they are making candles, “I love it. Everything is so positive. We are helping others. Everything we do is about God.  It’s so positive.” candles-1Volunteer Patricia Hayward started coming to Light of the Village programs when she was a little girl. As a college student, she now spends her Monday afternoons volunteering. “If it hadn’t been for Light of the Village showing me the right path,  I would have been out of the streets doing who knows what.”

Making candles has to be an exact process. Wax has to be melted at the perfect temperature. The perfect amount of fragrance has to be used. The teenagers strive to make a quality product. The candles cost $10 a piece. lights-of-loveThey come in a nice box with a card telling the customer that the candle was handcrafted by a teenager in the Light of the Village Christian ministry.

You can order a candle at http://www.lightofthevillage.org/#/lights-of-lov-candles.

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