Plans to Create Major Tourist Attraction in Harper Lee’s Hometown

Nearly a year after the “To Kill A Mockingbird” author, Harper Lee, plans have surfaced to transform her hometown of Monroeville into a major tourist attraction.

Pete Black of  the Mockingbird Company said they’ve been flooded with calls from media outlets worldwide since the news broke this week. He said,  “the project is in a conceptual state, and there are no other details at this time.”

He confirms the plans for “Harper Lee Trail” would contain a number of attractions related to the beloved author including replicas of some of the key houses in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Many fans already make the pilgrimage to the small Alabama town  to visit the Old Monroe County Courthouse where the book’s infamous trial took place, but the “Trail” would enhance the Harper Lee experience.

He said more details about the trail would be available in the coming months, with the plan officially slated to roll out in March.




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