Fort Conde Soon To Be Fort Carlotta? Or Fort Charlotte?

Fort Conde now has new management. And for parts of the year it won’t be the Fort Conde you may recognize, in fact it might be Fort Carlotta, or Charlotte.

To see the changes the fort is currently undergoing we went to the site. This Thursday workers were applying a fresh coat of paint on the iron gates.

“We’re really excited,” sais Scott Tindle with Activation Management.

But what’s going to happen inside next is what visitors are expected to notice most.

“Hopefully in the next 60 days we can transform the fort that something everyone can be really excited about,” said Tindle.

Tindle who’s with the same company that runs the Gulf Coast Duckboats, says Activation Management specializes in taking properties that were somewhat lying dormant, and activates them back into life. Now theyre taking over Fort Conde.

“So our vision of the fort is to turn it into this year long attraction.  It’ll change every quarter, we celebrate French Fort Conde for the most part here but we were only a French fort for 60 years then we became a British fort, Fort Charlotte, Spanish Fort Carlotta, and then finally we were American Fort Charlotte again.”

That means at various times of the year the fort will have different themes, structurally everything will stay the same.

“You’ll see activity you may see a blacksmith, you may see a living creation of what the fort looked like at the time, what you’re also going to see is a lot of fun.”

Now for years the fort has housed the city’s welcome center, that space will now make way for a planned food venue.

“You’ll see concerts here, you’ll see parties here you’ll see weddings, and you’re going to see special events things that we create on our own.”

Expect to see these changes in place by Mardi Gras season. The City of Mobile is expected to announced where the new Welcome Center will be moved to shortly.

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