Police Chief Barber Speaks After Arrests Made In De’Launa Powell Murder

The murder of De’Launa Powell in October sent shockwaves throughout Mobile. 24-year-old Powell was gunned down at a stop sign on her way home from work. Her only crime, it seems, was making that stop in that area on that morning.

The senseless of her death garnered attention from Police Chief James Barber who was quite vocal about it after her death.

According to police, De’Launa was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The motive for her murder was robbery so, anyone who stopped in that area of town on that particular morning would have been a target. In fact, Police Chief James Barber says witnesses have come forward saying that they saw Lang and Hall in the area that morning and instead of stopping they kept going because they were wary of the two young men. Barber says surveillance footage corroborates these stories.

16-year-old Iseral Hall is charged with felony murder and 18-year-old Antonio Lang is charged with two counts of capital murder.

Antonio Lang was arrested earlier this year on charges of armed robbery. After Powell’s murder, he again attempted to rob a woman in her car at gun point. This woman survived, Barber says in part because she didn’t fight back. Barber says he believes De’Launa fought back against her attackers, prompting Lang to shoot her with multiple rounds.

Not much was publicly known about the murder of Powell until last night when Hall spoke to the media. As he was being transported to Mobile Metro Jail the 16-year-old pointed the finger at Lang saying, “He did it. He did it.” When asked why De’Launa was murdered he said that it was only supposed to be a robbery.

Police Chief James Barber says this is a prime example of the issues Mobile is facing in terms of teenagers and gun violence.


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