Judge Denies Motion To Lower Bond For Cop Shooter

Ryan Burkhardt, 32, is accused of shooting an undercover officer early Friday morning in Grand Bay. He suffered six to nine gunshot wounds in the exchange, and is currently listed in CRITICAL CONDITION at USA Medical Center.

Ryan Burkhardt was arrested in April of this year and was wheeled out from police headquarters after shooting at five police officers, seriously injuring one. It was during a drug sting in Grand Bay that led to the shooting, and Burkhardt being charged with five counts of attempted murder. Burkhardt admitted he was high on drugs at the time of the shooting and apologized to officers.

“He was armed with a .40 caliber, he had two magazines, loaded, on him, he was wearing a bullet proof vest and was running and fleeing from police and firing multiple times,” says Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Wright.

This led to a bond of $250,000 per count with a $25,000 cash component. A grand total of $2.5 million. A hearing was held today to determine if that bond was too excessive. His attorney says Burkhardt was struck 16 times by police fire. His defense attorney says because of Burkhardt’s condition, he cannot defend himself against other inmates in prison and would like to see a lower bond. Normal bond for a class A felony like this is between $10,000 and $60,000. However, Judge John Lockett says Burkhardt is still a danger to the community.

“And for shooting at the police and for shooting one of our officers here in Mobile, and we believe those actions to show that he is a danger to this community,” says Wright.

Judge Lockett denied the motion today, but said if there are any delays in his proceedings, Burkhardt’s attorney can file a motion to lower bond again. Meanwhile, the undercover officer who was seriously injured in the shooting is still undergoing surgery.

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