Will Cuba Change After Castro’s Death?

A man from Pensacola who escaped the communist government of Fidel Castro at an early age says he is not hopeful things will change in his native country now that Castro is dead.

Marion Valle was put on a plane to the U.S. by his parents when he was 12.  He wouldn’t see them again for 9 months, and at the time, didn’t know if he would ever see them again.

Like many Cuban Americans who celebrated on the news of Castro’s death, Valle says he admits to feelings of happiness.  But he says he doesn’t expect change in Cuba until Fidel’s brother Raul is dead.  He believes the paranoia of the Castro brothers kept them from naming a successor for fear they would be toppled.  Valle says he things the real vacuum of power there will happen once Raul is gone.

Valle is also troubled by recent decisions by the Cuban government to require native Cubans living in America to get a Cuban passport in order to travel there.  He says not having the protections of an American passport in the communist country is ‘scary.’  As a result, he says, he has no plans to travel there anytime soon, even though he would like to.

Valle has been an American citizen for many years and is a Marine Corps and Navy veteran.  He still has hopes that one day his native country will adopt a democratic government for the benefit of the 12 million people who lived under the oppression of the Castro’s.

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