Update: Motel Residents Still Living on Property After Managers Pack Up

Wanda Roberson was once employed at the Hospitality Inn before managers abruptly left without notice.

Owners were so behind in paying their bills that utilities were cut off, and residents were told they had to go.

But with the help of legal services, services have been restored.

“We’ve got water, we’ve got electricity, and we want to thank the community for putting the word out there and the bank for sticking with us,” says Roberson.

Roberson walks around checking on the families who are still living in the motel.

Just days before Thanksgiving, families were served with an eviction notice.

“We have a notice,until the 27th, and we will see what happens from there as if we are going to get an extension from the court or vacate the premises at the 27th,” says Roberson.

With so much still being up in the air, people at the Hospitality Inn can only wait to see what will happen legally.

“We’re still angry with the person who owns this place, we’re still how she got away with it and everything, and still a lot of unanswered questions,” says Roberson.

For now, all Roberson knows is that the owner was behind on bills.

“It was a large amount, a very large amount, thousands and thousands of dollars, she’s got lawsuits piling up against her right now,” says Roberson.

Residents could add another lawsuit to the list soon, for now, Roberson is thankful for all the help they’ve received from the Pensacola area.

“It’s been overwhelming, especially with the struggle and the help of the community,” says Roberson.

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