Scam buster: Scammers Targeting Job-Seekers


A few weeks ago, Priscilla Goodwin got a suspicious text message.

“Your resume has been viewed and forwarded to our HR department. Kindly reply back if you are interested,” says Goodwin.

They said they were with Cigna Health and that they found her resume on Job Link—a legitimate site where businesses can search resumes to fit their available positions. Goodwin had posted hers on the site back in August. The scam got more involved.

As time went on, the scam got more involved.

“This is where they start saying that they’ll give me a check.”

A check to cover so-called software expenses for a stay-at-home job in data entry. They even sent her several sheets of paperwork with official-looking letterhead. Luckily, Goodwin got suspicious and took the check to several banks to have it checked out.

“My bank checked it and said it was most likely fraudulent.”

The scam was a bit of a blow.

“I need the money, but I want to be at home with my family.”

She confronted the scammer about it, and never heard back.

If you are looking for a job, beware of a few things.

“You can never talk to them on the phone, you can never go in for an interview, they don’t ask for any references, so that’s a huge red flag,” says Detective Laura Soulier with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

This kind of scam is popping up now because many are looking for extra cash for the holidays.

“It’s very busy cause a lot of companies are looking for seasonal employees and so they will make the process quicker and you will let your guard down cause it’s a happy time of year,” says Pamela Ware with Mobile Works.

Ware says it’s very unusual for someone to hire you without meeting you face to face, so be skeptical of a stranger saying you’ve got the job.

“If you have someone that contacts you right away, if they want to charge a fee, if they’re going to give you money right away, then that should be a red flag,” saysWare.

And Goodwin now wants to warn others.

“And make sure that what you get is legal, what you’re doing is legal because they can even get you caught up in stuff that’s not legal and then you’ll be responsible for it,” says Goodwin.

These guys got Goodwin’s social security number on that paperwork that had her fill out, but she did take the right steps and put a fraud alert on her credit—it’s free of charge and it will last for 90 days, and you can extend it as many times as you want free of charge.

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