“Safe Exchange Zone” Now in Baldwin County

Safe Exchange Zone
Safe zone, monitored 24 hrs a day for public to make face to face exchanges or transactions.

Got something for sale or looking for a good deal?

“It’s the new yard sale,” says Sheriff Hoss Mack. “Instead of putting things out by the road you put it on the internet.” But closing the deal can come with an uneasy feeling. “You really don’t know who you are meeting. You don’t know who you are dealing with.”



So the sheriff’s office has created a space, a safe zone. A designated area to meet a total stranger. “It offers some privacy but also the maximum amount of security,” says Mack.

Talk about a secure location, the safe exchange zone is located between the sheriff’s office and the Bay Minette Police Department. Everything that happens here is captured on surveillance cameras.


Those cameras are monitored around the clock. “Two cameras. One to catch the overall picture and the other one to catch something a little more specific,” says Mack.

The video is archived in case something is called into question down the road. “Perhaps something happened, perhaps something didn’t but an allegation was made. Well, it was one word against another word. Where if this were to take place here at least we would have the video documentation to determine whether something did or did not happen,” according to Sheriff Mack.

On-line shopping may be easy and convenient and now it can be a whole lot safer.


More safe zones are planned for locations around Baldwin County and should be up and running in the coming year.

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