Despite Stormwater Improvements, Problems Presist

The City of Mobile was recently recognized by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management for their efforts with their storm water program.

ADEM inspected the City’s best management practice on construction and post-construction stormwater management, pollution prevention, flood control projects, pesticide and fertilizer application, illicit discharge detection and elimination, spill prevention and response, storm water management of industrial sites and public outreach and education.

After weeks without rain, Mobile’s Eslava creek litter trap appeared to hold up and work well following this week’s rains.

However, residents have concerns about other parts of the city.

Will bridges and Reid Gardner were out for hours Wednesday cleaning up portions of Moore Creek. There is not trap there to catch stormwater runoff.

Bridges and Gardner had to bring their own makeshift trap in an attempt to keep garbage from flowing into Dog River.

“It ends up into the environment all the way into the gulf and into the oceans,” said Bridges.

The two filled up nearly half a dozen large garbage bags with trash, but say they had to leave much more.

“It’s a terrible reflection on how people live,” said Gardner.

“We got together this morning and said we are going to do something to stop this,” said Bridges.

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