Quilts of Valor for Mobile Veterans

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
Quilts take a lot of love and a lot of time. They’re mostly handmade and can take anywhere from weeks or months to put together. That’s where volunteers taking part in the Quilts of Valor program come in. Today 11 Veterans from the Mobile area each got their own quilt. Each was recognized individually and wrapped in their quilt. Veterans say they’re very appreciative of the recognition.

“Well, since these ladies are taking so much time to do this then I really appreciate it and I’m going to appreciate it more when I receive it,” said Vietnam veteran Patrick Downing. Several of the veterans honored in this ceremony were also Vietnam veterans. Some of them said it’s good to see how the country’s changed in 40 years when it comes to honoring veterans across the country.

“It’s a changed a great deal the country has changed and learned lessons since Vietnam that’s shown the support’s there for 99% of the people,” said Vietnam veteran Jerry Cherne.

This was all done thanks to volunteer work from different quilting groups in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Organizers say it’s just one small token of thanks for the veterans who’ve sacrificed so much.

“They had offered their lives, signed the dotted line to give us the freedoms we enjoy and this is one way we can do community service and thank them for the freedoms they’ve given us,” said Joyce Reed with Quilts of Valor.

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